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Colebrooke Centre for evidence and implementation

Helping what works to 

 work better


Welcome to the website of The Colebrooke Centre for evidence and implementation. The Centre contributes to building and developing effective services by applying insights and practical tools from implementation science and practice. 


The Colebrooke Centre was one of the first not-for-profit organisations in the world (and was the first in the UK) to use an implementation science lens to improve results in the field of child and family services.

We believe that high quality implementation is the key to better results, and that high quality implementation is evidence-informed

We use knowledge from science and practice to strengthen the design and delivery of services in ways that improve and preserve their effectiveness

We harness the insights and tools generated in recent years by the movement towards evidence-based practice for the benefit of the widest possible group of services and interventions

We collaborate widely with universities in the UK and abroad, and with other specialist centres and voluntary organisations. 

Since starting work in 2011 we have completed a wide range of projects ranging from complex research studies for central government, local government and large voluntary organisations to small, in-depth implementation support advice and consultancy projects. On this website you will find information about selected projects, publications and resources developed by The Colebrooke Centre.


From 2021 – the Colebrooke Centre’s consultancy work has moved to

Colebrooke Social Consulting

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Implementation is about active and planned efforts to identify approaches or interventions that work and deliver them in ways that maximise and sustain their effectiveness. 

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