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Talks & Presentations by Staff


Systems Leadership: A Video Presentation from Deborah Ghate

Systems Leadership Video

Implementing evidence-based practice: a European perspective on culture and context

Deborah Ghate, Webinar presentation to the Implementation Interest Group, the Learning Center at the National Child Traumatic Stress Network, Duke University, North Carolina, January 25th 2012 

implementing evidence-based practice

Developing and promoting evidence-informed and evidence-based policy and practice: strategies and methods for supporting services at local and national level – some lessons learned

Deborah Ghate, Presentation to the Familie & Evidens Center, Copenhagen April 26th 2012

Developing and promoting evidence-infrmed and evidence-based policy and practice

Systems Leadership: expanding understanding of leadership drivers in whole systems 

Deborah Ghate for the Global Implementation Conference 2015, in Dublin, Ireland.

In this talk, Deborah notes that leadership across and within whole systems, as currently theorised, is a distinctive form of leadership appropriate to specific kinds of implementation challenges, but that systems leadership as a construct does not yet feature strongly in implementation frameworks or taxonomies. She also suggested that systems leadership may be a special or distinctive form of ‘driver’ that is particularly relevant in implementation of complex change or improvement initiatives, or those that cross system or sectoral boundaries, and raised the empirical question (for further investigation): if systems leadership is supportive, do innovation and implementation teams gain traction more quickly? 

Systems Leadership: expanding understanding of leadership drivers in whole systems 

The Importance of an Implementation Lens 

Deborah Ghate, for the joint professions conference for the Government Social Research and Government Economics Service in October 2014.

The Importance of an Implementation Lens

When are evidence-based programmes ready for dissemination?

Deborah Ghate, a paper for the Jacobs Foundation at Schloss Marbach in Germany 2013. Deborah argues that a key criterion for dissemination-readiness, transport of promising programmes and scaling up is not just convincing research evidence of effectiveness (‘does it work?’), but sufficient knowledge about the delivery mechanisms and implementation contexts that optimise effectiveness – in other words, evidence on ‘why will it work?’ and: ‘how will it work’?

When are evidence-based programmes ready for dissemination?
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